Welcome! President's Message

On behalf of the board of directors and myself, let me welcome you to the website for the MBPA, the Michigan Backflow Prevention Association! We hope to not only give you a resource to help you keep more informed on issues related to backflow prevention and cross connection control in Michigan and the country, but to help you in such areas as:
  • Regulations - What the state codes and laws say.
  • Implementation - How are you supposed to do that?
  • Ethics - Those guys did what?!
  • Business Guidance - How am I supposed to make money doing this?
  • Education - Am I certified and licensed to do that?
We as a group are very excited about the opportunities that lie ahead in our industry to promote the vigilant protection of our natural resource, water. Through the use of continuing education, new advances in materials and designs, and a mutual sharing of knowledge and wisdom between our members, suppliers, managers and lawmakers, this industry will keep driving forward. The goal of this website is to keep all of us inside the loop of knowledge.

I do have one favor to ask. Let us know how we can best serve you. If you have questions, suggestions, complaints, ideas… call us or send us an email. Better yet… join us on the Board! Let us remember it’s how well we use the communication avenues we have that will produce the results we want.

Thanks for reading!
Jeff Vlisides
MBPA President

Meet the Board

Jeff Vlisides
David Cardinal
Vice President
Larry D'Ascenzo
Matt Kapcia
Mike Leuck
Kevin Johnson
Gary Bendes
Kevin Roby
Pat Paterson

Member Services

Portable Accuracy Check Equipment

Members in good standing may receive one complimentary accuracy check for their backflow prevention test kit when attending the association’s annual conference.