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MBPA is for the professional who seeks continuing knowledge and up-to-date information in this constantly changing field. Local seminars and training sessions are being planned. We are working closely with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the Bureau of Construction Codes to enable membership to receive CEU's for attending and participating in our seminars, conferences and training sessions.


MBPA is composed of experts in cross connection control and those just entering this dynamic field. All levels of professionals can belong to and benefit from MBPA. From legislators who write law, to the federal, state, and local authorities who enforce the laws; from educators who provide training into the field; from engineers and architects who design the systems, to the manufacturers who produce the equipment used in the systems.


MBPA members have the opportunity to serve on, or benefit from, committees that are working to solve problems and address important cross connection control issues and with full voting privleges along with the opportunity to serve as an association leader, you can gain international recognition for your work in the field of cross connection control. All of these opportunities are available to members of the Michigan Backflow Prevention Association.

How can I become a member of this exciting organization?

Access the MBPA registration online here.
Access the MBPA registration in print here.
Learn more about cross connection control here.


  • Subscription to the American Backflow Prevention Association’s Quarterly Newsletter
  • Discounts on MBPA Educational Conferences
  • One complimentary test gauge accuracy check at the annual educational conference

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance with your cross connection control program is available. Job related problems can also be solved using resourses available to you.

What’s New?


MBPA Membership $105.00

Regular Rate Schedule

MBPA Member $115.00

Non-Member $130.00

Early Bird Registration ends February 29th @ 11:59pm

MBPA Member $100.00

Non-Member $115.00

Event Sponsorship

Vendor Table Top Sponsorship $130.00

Not a MBPA member yet?  Membership is available at the event registration page

Continuing Education Credits

A total of 0.7 Michigan DEQ Technical CEU's will be available for those attending all day


Every current MBPA member that attends the conference can bring in ONE backflow test kit for onsite certification (required annually)